I've never written a post of my own before, but now seems a good time to start. It's been an interesting week for me. On Saturday I gave birth to a premature baby boy. On Sunday my husband told me he wanted a divorce and left. That was. . .a very lonely night in the hospital. Right now baby boy is still in the NICU and my two-year-old daughterand I have relocated to my parents' house. I am very fortunate to have family with the financial means to take us in. So many other women don't have that.

What to say about the marriage? Things haven't been great for awhile, but I had hoped he'd be willing to work on our problems, at least for the sake of our children. I guess I also hoped maybe he'd be willing to stick it out and not leave me while I was still in a hospital bed. Who does that? Other than Newt Gingrich I mean.

I'm not sure what I wanted to accomplish with this post, other than set down in words what has happened to me in the last few days. Everything has been turned upside down. I'd like to solicit some advice from those of you who have gone through a divorce with small children in the picture. How did those first few weeks go? How did you end up splitting custody? Is there any advice you could give me right now? I would really appreciate hearing it. Also, thanks to everyone who had a kind word or a cute picture for me on Monday night.